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退屈な街を抜け~Let's get away from this boring town~


*My name is Hằng Tăng (Hang Tang/ハング-夕ング), but Hacchan (はっちゃん)is  OK with me~=)))
*And I'm from Vietnam, just in case you want to know~~

*Sth about myself:

+Just only one simple equation: 《Arashian Otaku+Nino Lover=Me~》
*Welcome to my LJ, a place for me to drool over Ninomiya Kazunari aka Nino, Arashi, Gintama, Hetalia, Naruto and my OTPs as well as to dump a bunch of random things that seem interesting to me :D

*My current OTPs: KazuYuri (Nino x Yuriko); OkiKagu/Okkagu (Okita x Kagura); AmeViet/Hoshi Combi (APH America x APH Vietnam), HaruTaka (Haruka x Takane)

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